Is this a good cosmetic?

Hello there! 😀

I have decided to attempt a new “topic” on this blog: I will still be talking about cosmetics but not only from the point of view of the “do it yourself”!

The thing is that I don’t believe that making these cosmetics at home (I mean, those I have published here, like creams, serums, shampoos, soaps…) is anything particularly difficult.
Yes, it took time and effort to learn about cosmetic ingredients and it took time and a lot of mistakes to learn how to make things; however I am so happy and satisfied of what I can make by myself now, that I just cannot stop trying to help people in opening their eyes and learning how to make things on their own 😀
However, what I noticed among many of my friends, is that often they see what I do as something IMPOSSIBLE to learn.
Even this blog: I try to make things sound as easy as I can and I don’t think my recipes are difficult (the most complex thing one has to do is to measure some substances, heat them up, mix them and tadaaa 😀 ) but STILL it doesn’t seem enough to make people feel confident in “throwing themselves” into this (not so) magic world of making real cosmetics at home. 😀 😀 😀 
If you add this feeling to the fact that most of my recipes require ingredients difficult to find (at least emulsifiers have to be bought from specific sellers) I came to the conclusion that many people feel discouraged even to start trying! 😦 

So this is what I have decided: 
I am going to start a new TOPIC on this blog: I will teach you how to recognize a product with good cosmetic ingredients from one with not so good ones 😀
Therefore, for those of you who don’t feel yet confident to start making cosmetics at home, you will be able to go to your local market and purchase an already made shampoo, or a cream, or a serum… finally knowing what you are applying on your face!
I would like to teach you how to be able to choose without listening to the advertising of the cosmetic, but rather with being able to recognize what’s inside.
(Anyway don’t fear: I will keep posting recipes as well! 😀 I am just giving you time to get more acquainted with cosmetic ingredients… 😀 )

But I have to WARN YOU!!!
1) I am not an “all natural” nazi: I will talk about natural and synthetic ingredients, how to spot (or at least try to spot) if a cosmetic was formulated well or not… but I want to make clear that since every skin is different, if your skin has always been perfect even at using daily silicon foundation… I don’t see why you should stop using silicon foundation 😀 that’s it!
2) If you decide to read these future posts… you might get very disappointed at finding out that most of the times the high-brand and expensive cosmetics have almost no difference (price excluded 😀 ) from the cheap ones. This might break your heart. So these posts will be only for the BRAVE ONES! 😀 😀 😀

This said… I go now!
I have to see from where on earth I can start talking about this huuuuge topic 😀
My brain is already melting 😀

Do you think this will be useful to you? 😀
Any suggestion?


Buying Cosmetic Ingredients Online

Maybe you’ve been reading my posts thinking “yeah right… and where on earth am I gonna find these ingredients?!”
Well I guess it is time for me to show you a few online shops of raw material of cosmetic grade!
This is obviously very important because if you use a fragrance oil which is not of aimed in cosmetic use… well, don’t be surprised if you get a strong allergic reaction or even something worse… same goes if you use urea which you find in gardening shops: that won’t do! 😀

This said, of course in the online shops which sell raw materials for cosmetic use… all the ingredients are of cosmetic grade… but here a few tips in case the online shop you found is not in my list:
– maybe before you purchase, read around the internet if there are experiences of other people
– for each ingredient they sell, they are supposed to own a MSDS which is the Material Safety Data Sheet. The MSDS should be available for each ingredient on their website or they should send it to you after purchase: if it is not available on their website, before you place an order contact them and be sure they are going to send you one. This is important.
– Before purchasing try asking some information about one of the ingredients they sell: for example at what percentage it should be used, if it shouldn’t be used with certain ingredients and so on. Usually they have this information on the ingredient page but sometimes they don’t. A serious supplier will be able to give you some information, however, don’t expect too much: don’t expect suppliers to be formulators.
– If it is the first time you want to buy raw material… DON’T BUY EVERYTHING you find! Make a small list of ingredients that will be really useful (an emulsifier, a thickening agent, a gelling agent). Start planning to make simple creams, pick few active ingredients (maximum 3!), really: keep it simple! 😀
– do NOT go for the “nice name” ingredient: for example, if an ingredient name is “NO MORE WRINKLES concentrated active ingredient” 99% of the time it is a big NO NO NO 😀 If you click on it and look for the INCI name, probably it comes out that this “concentrate active ingredient” is actually made of “water, lecithin (emulsifier), some kind of oil, the great ingredient” and you can be sure that your great ingredient will be at minimum %.

Ok… after having warned you… 😀
Let me put some links! 😀
NOTE: I am not publicizing any website, I am just posting some websites I know of… that might help you in starting your serious COSMETIC DIY! 😀
I have bought only from some of these websites and obviously I am not responsible if something on your order goes wrong.

Here we go:

Asia: – good website! It has some ingredients which are very difficult to find somewhere else. Prices are a little bit higher than in other places.

North America: – many ingredients and also sells in bulk!

Europe: – UK – Has many many ingredients for soap-making and also some ingredients. Long list also of fragrance oils. Prices are quite high compared to other websites but some fragrances are difficult to find somewhere else. – UK – website mostly about active ingredients. It has a vast choice. -ingredients.aspxUK
– if you click HERE you will find my review of some of their fragrance oils – PL – This website is from Poland and you can use Google Translate to translate everything written on the page. It sells cheap plant extracts and also some emulsifiers and active ingredients! – IT – Probably my favourite Italian website that sells ingredients. Very serious, ship extremely fast, have good variety of ingredients – if you click HERE you will find my review of some of their fragrance oils. – IT – Italian website with good prices about tensioactives. Many active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, aminoacids) also. – IT – good ingredients (also some special ones which I couldn’t find on other websites). – DE – website from Germany. – DE – website from Germany. It has mostly ingredients about making soaps, therefore a lot of butters and oils, many fragrance oils, essential oils and only few cosmetic ingredients (but basic emulsifiers and active ingredients are there) – if you click HERE you will find a review on some of their fragrance oils. – FR – French website. Many kinds of oils and butters (very exotic), emulsifiers, essential oils and some active ingredients (but read the INCI of each, before purchasing). – SP – website from Spain mainly about soap-making. Good prices. – AU – GR


Please let me know if you know any good shop from your own country.
Notice also that if you make an order from a website which is not in your country, you might have to pay custom duties… so get informed about it before you make your order! 🙂