About me

Hello and Welcome! 🙂
Thanks for stopping by It’s all in my hands!

This blog is all about experimenting with cosmetic ingredients! 🙂
You will find some slightly technical posts about the theory of formulating cosmetics, but mostly you will find my skincare and hair-care formulas as well as my tests and trials with new ingredients! 🙂

My journey in making cosmetics started in 2011 and I haven’t stopped learning and experimenting since!

Do drop me a line! I love writing this blog, but it is a lot more fun when I get some feedback 🙂

Have a great day!!





87 thoughts on “About me

  1. Mya says:

    Thank you so much for the advice! As you stated earlier I already know which ingredients I want to work with, I am only looking for assistance specifically with how to mix ingredients and long shelf life. I am in America, is the company in which you are referring me to American? I do not have Facebook only twitter and Instagram, do you have an email?


  2. ramma Heerandhar says:

    I am not so conversant with cosmetics ingredients but i have some formulation from merk , croda etc . But you shall check the feasibility .Do you have scientific evidence for the benefit of these ingredients etc , And also for your customers to buy , there should visible change within 3 weeks so that they come again and again .
    There must be something special which will convince them to buy your products or mainly the needs for these csutomers .Regarding lab , I am very far away from america. but if you need lab advice , search at Poland country website for cosmetic formulation advice may be cheaper or advise from itsall in my hand – they may have contact details.


  3. Belinda Davis says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your formulating posts. Though sometimes I get a bit turned around with the sentence structure. Where in the the great big world are you located?


  4. Joe says:

    Hello.. Can u tell me where to buy l-cysteine powder…i am from india… Is l-cysteine powder soluble in water ?


    • It's all in my hands says:

      Namaskar. I bought mine from an Italian website but I am not sure they ship to India. However it is not a difficult ingredient to find. I have written a list of websites that sell cosmetic ingredients, check that page out 🙂


  5. Rebecca says:

    I am a beginner having made simple soap recipes a few times. I want to make a simp,e shampoo conditioning bar – do you have a good recipe? I have found a few but have lots more ingredients than my simple sop bar so I am getting put off a bit… I am in the uk and cannot find BTMS-50 coz this seems to come up a lot – do you think a good shampoo conditioner bar would have to or should include this?


    • It's all in my hands says:

      Yes that is a conditioning agent and it is needed. A bar looks like a soap but it is not. I have made only a shampoo&conditioner bar and it was better than the store bought ones (more conditioning) but I always prefere a liquid one. You can find the recipe on the blog 🙂
      The ingredient is easily available in Europe, so no customs 😉


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