Smooth Away Face Cream

Hello everyone!

Long time no see 😀

I have kept formulating all this time, but there wasn’t much new to write about since I tend to go back to the ingredients I know and love…

However TODAY, ladies and gentlemen, I am posting THE FORMULA, the one I have been running after all these years!
I have
1) a new emulsifier, which I instantly fell in love with
2) a new procedure!
and clearly a 3) NEW cream sensation! 😀

IMG_20181029_082916 (1)

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No Foam Face Wash

Hello Everyone!

I tried a sample of a face wash a while back and I liked it so much that I decided to remake it keeping most of the ingredients. The result is an extremely delicate face wash that makes close to no foam (but still does cleanse 😉 ).


I find this kind of formula to work great with my face cleansing brush or sponge. The consistency is quite thick, a little less than syrup, but it is absolutely not sticky: on the contrary, it has a soft, velvety and cushion-like feel 😉 and the fact that it makes close to no foam for me is absolutely a plus!

[On a totally different note: for this formula I have finally decided to use the fragrance oil Osmanthus from Sensory Perfection and IT IS AMAZING! From the bottle it had a very strong scent and I couldn’t really understand if I liked it or not… well, now I know that I definitely do!!!]

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Emulium Mellifera

Hello Everyone!

This post is about one of my new favourite emulsifiers: Emulium Mellifera. The INCI is: Polyglyceryl-6 Distearate (and) Jojoba Esters (and) Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax (and) Cetyl Alcohol. It is not a new emulsifier: in 2014 it won the In-Cosmetics Gold Innovation Award (btw, it is Ecocert approved 😉 ).


I have used it in many formulas now and I must say I have been quite impressed. The emulsions it makes leave a very light and, at the same time, velvety skin feel. Just to be specific: I used to struggle with light textured creams because they often made me feel like the cream was somehow “empty”: they would feel light, fresh and all, but after a short time from application, my skin would still feel quite thirsty. Well, this doesn’t happen with emulium mellifera: the skin feel is light, but the feeling is nourishing.

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DIY Cucumber Wasabi Deodorant

Hello Everyone!
In the future I will write a post on how to formulate deodorants, but for today I am simply writing the formula of the last roll-on deodorant I have made.
It is NOT an antiperspirant deodorant, because I didn’t want one: I wanted a formula for an everyday use deodorant: mild, simple, yet effective.

Cucumber Wasabi Deodorant 2

When we sweat, some enzymes and bacteria (usually Gram-positive) decompose our sweat and this is what causes bad odour. This is particularly true of areas, like armpits, where the pH of the skin is a little less acidic than usual.
There are different ways to counter this mechanism, and here are the two ingredients I have chosen for this formula:


Safe Handling of Cosmetic Ingredients

Making cosmetics at home has become a quite common thing in the last years, there are more and more suppliers of cosmetic ingredients and more and more ingredients are becoming available to the DIY homecrafter.
However, while the will to make cosmetics has increased significantly, the same cannot be said about the will to understand and study  exactly what we are dealing with.

[I have written already a post on the most common mistakes people do when they start making cosmetics at home, you can read it here repetita iuvant!]

Safe Handling of Cosmetic Ingredients.jpg

The toxicity of common cosmetic ingredients can be extremely high so you need to handle ingredients with care: being too comfortable around cosmetic ingredients is a dangerous thing (even people who work in the cosmetic industry risk getting too comfortable around the ingredients, but at least they know about this risk… and they try to do something about it).


“Frozen” Bath Bombs with color surprise

Hello Everyone!
Here is my updated formula for bath bombs.
This time I have taken inspiration… no wait, I am sure you just cannot guess where I took inspiration from for these bath bombs 😉 it will stay a secret! ahah 😀
I know they look quite boring on the outside, but that’s because there is a surprise in the middle! Keep reading for formula and instructions 😉

Frozen Bath Bombs DIY


“Hydrating Elixir” Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

“Hello Everyone!
Today I have for you the formula of a super hydrating serum! It is simple to make, it contains ingredients that are rather easy to find and it is highly performing!

Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Lactate Serum 6

Where I live we have had over 40°C and so I decided to formulate something that would behave well if stored in the fridge (before you start having heart-shaped-sparkling eyes: you still need to add the preservative. Repeat with me: THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM PRESERVATIVES! 😀 good, now you can continue reading). One of the cosmetics I always store in the fridge is the basic Hyaluronic Acid Gel (you can find the recipe HERE), so I have simply “upgraded” the formula to make it more performing (I have already posted two recipes for two upgraded versions of the Hyaluronic Acid Gel, you can find them Here and Here).