Glamour Cosmetics Fragrance Oils Review

Here is the list of fragrances I have tried from Glamour Cosmetics followed by a short review.
Just a couple of notes: I haven’t tried that many fragrances from this website but from what I have noticed, many of them tend to have a soapy/talc-like undertone. This is something I personally love, but it might not be for everyone (not all fragrances have this undertone, but those who do, I have pointed it out in the review).
Some of the fragrances they sell behave particularly well in soap-making: in such case the name of the fragrance is followed by the word “Savon”.

Glamour Cosmetics Fragrance oils Review


Aloe Savon – It smelled of clean soap. It was ok but I didn’t find it “special”.

Borotalco – Clean talc smell, I really like this one! I love it in shampoos.

Camay – I have purchased this one only after trying it from the fragrance box of a friend. It is a very “old school” soapy smell. I found it lovely but it is not for everyone.

Cocco Savon – Coconut smell but with a soapy undertone. I have used the sample but I didn’t like it enough to repurchase.

Evergreen – It is described like a fruity-flowery smell. It definitely is, but I didn’t like it.

Flower – A rich flowery smell with a soapy/talk undertone. Quite strong.

Grace – I found this fragrance elegant and flowery.

Iris – I bought this with the hope it would be similar to the smell of a famous Iris line but it was more similar to the original flower smell.

Latte e Panna – Lovely milky smell! It is very delicate so I wouldn’t use it in a soap (for this purpose the “Latte Savon” is probably better!). It works well in creams.

Latte Savon – A little strong and maybe a bit chemical but I haven’t tried it in a soap yet so it might work great there!

Magia – I cannot describe this one. It is a little flowery, a little spicy (not that much) and soapy. Not my favourite.

Mela-Cannella – Apple and Cinnamon: I really liked this one! I used it in a Christmasy shower gel. Lovely.

Mora e Muschio – Blackberry and Musk. I only smelled it from a friend of mine and I plan on purchasing it because it is very good. Very well balanced and “complex”.

Pesca – Peach. YES! It smells of very ripe peaches mixed with peach candies. Sweet!

Profumi d’Oriente – Probably my overall favourite. I have repurchased it many times. It is rich and warm: a mix of spices well balanced with a vanilla/talc undertone. Pure love in a bottle 🙂 I have used it in soap, body creams, hair conditioners…

Violetta – I LOVE this one. Very similar to the flower. I have used it in shampoos, shower gels and soap as well (not 100% sure but I think it behaved well).

Zest Uni – I expected a different smell, more “zest” like. It has a quite strong talc undertone, a little soapy (once again, I love this) and there is some zesty note as well but it is not predominant.

Zucchero Filato – the name means “Cotton Candy”. Extremely sweet and lovely (if you like sweet fragrances… that is! 😉 )

That’s all for now: I will keep this post updated.
Hope this helped some of you 🙂

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