Manske Fragrance Oils Review

This is a list of Fragrance Oils I have purchased from the website: Manske Shop with few words on how I liked them (or not 🙂 ).

Manske Fragrance Oils Review

Apfelzimt – Spiced Apple – I liked it sniffed from the bottle, but it didn’t behave well in cold process soap (it increased trace and it also created some discoloration). It could be used for other kind of cosmetic products.

Aprikosenkuchen – Apricot Cake: I didn’t find it bad but honestly I haven’t used it yet because I don’t know where to put it. It is not that sweet, but it is not that good either.

Bananensplit – Yes! A sweet (sweet!) banana fragrance oil with a vanilla note. I have used it mostly in my hair conditioners as it did give a few issues in soap making (discoloration + fast trace).

Captivate – It is a quite interesting fragrance oil: there is a sweet vanilla base a little spiced up and made more “exotic”. It caused discoloration in soap making (soap would become beige/brown after a few days). I have loved this scent and I have used bottles and bottles of it but right now I feel a little “bored” with it.

Christmas Spice – A total disappointment! I wanted definitely more than just a little hint of spices. Haven’t repurchased.

Coconut Cream – I believe this is the best coconut fragrance of Manske (there is another one) because it is quite delicate and summer-like. It is not my favourite coconut fragrance of all times but it works well in creamy hair conditioners! I haven’t tried it in soap.

English Rose – Light Rose scent. Very similar to a very famous Rose water everyone can buy (blue bottle… anyone? 😉 )

Erdbeertraum – Strawberry. Simple strawberry scent. I have finished the sample size and I haven’t repurchased it yet but I might.

Figue & Brown Sugar – I LOVE THIS ONE. It is a warm, sweet and lushous fragrance oil. The fig gives it a very elegant note. It does discolor the soap a little (making it brownish) so keep this in mind if you want to use it in soap making. Works great in a rich body butter or body cream as well! 😉

Flieder – Lilac. I generally don’t like flower fragrance oils, so if you do, you might actually like this one. I found it quite truthful to the flower itself.

Gurke – Cucumber. YES! The smell is a little chemical but still fresh and pleasant! I have used this one in the serum for problem skin. Refreshing, summery, perfect for an after sun lotion!

Himbeere – Raspberry. I liked it! I have used this one in bath bombs and in the bubble bath salts. Warning: it is quite sweet! So do buy only if you like sweet 😉

Honey Wash – L*sh dupe of “Honey I washed the kids”. I have loved this one: I have made soap with it (it does become a little beige but it doesn’t give problems with trace)and I have used it in lotion bars as well. It is quite similar (not 100%) but definitely worth it!

Ingwer Soufflee – Ginger Souffle. A little disappointing from the bottle: it smelled quite plain and I haven’t been able to use it (I have purchased the sample size only).

Kokos – This is “the other” coconut fragrance of this website. As I have said above, I like it less than the other one: this is stronger and more stingy.

Lavendel Amber – Amber and Lavender smells put together. It is a very “manly” smell: it could be in the aftershave of a grandfather (and I mean this in a good way). In soap it tends to give it a light brown color.

Lemon Verbena – No no no no no… it smelled of dish-soap. The end.

Like me all over – Yes and no. I liked it but I never felt the need to repurchase.

Mango – YES! It is a sweet fragrance, truthful to a very ripe mango. Not for everyone (obviously). I have loved it in bath bombs for a summery bath.

Milch & Honig – Milk and Honey. The milk smell in this fragrance oil is quite chemical and the sweet of the honey is too much. It feels a little unbalanced and it might be pleasant only if used sparingly.

Monoi de Tahiti – YES! I purchased this one only because of all the great reviews I had read about it and… oh yes!!! It is a exotic, not too sweet. I smell a little almond and vanilla in it but it is definitely more complex than this. A must try! 🙂

Karma – L*sh dupe. YES YES YES!!! I think this is my absolute favourite fragrance of this website. I have used this in soap, shampoos (you can see one here), body cream. It is extremely similar to the original L*sh smell. A MUST BUY if you like the citrusy and spicy smell.

Nelkeln Carnation – Flowery fragrance. Not my fav.

Nevia – This is supposed to be a Niv*a dupe. It is quite similar but not 100%. However I find it pleasant and it works great for a face or body cream.

Rice Flower – Honestly I have no clue how a rice flower actually smells, but this is a nice fragrance oil with a light rice note. It is a delicate fragrance that works in creams and lotions (I haven’t tried it in soaps but I would think it is too delicate for a soap).

Rose – I must say I like more the English Rose. This fragrance, however, is stronger and more stingy therefore it works better in a soap (I have used it in a rose soap and I liked it!).

Sanddorn – In English: Sea buckthorn. I had no clue how sea buckthorn would smell but telling from the smell of this fragrance oil I seem to not like it that much! 🙂 It is a general “sweet and fruity” smell: it doesn’t have anything catchy or particular to say “I must have it in my cosmetic!”. I have gifted it to a friend who liked it more than I did.

Scottish Blossom Honey – Some people love this one but I find it too sweet (and I do like sweet fragrances usually!) and stingy at the same time. The honey smell is very chemical. I have tried it in a soap (it caused a little discoloration).

Tobacco Leaf – Manly fragrance with an obvious smoke note. Not for everyone.

Tropicana – Tropical and exotic sweet fragrance oil. I haven’t liked it too much in a soap but I have loved it in a summery bath bomb.

White Musk – I usually love white musk and I had purchased this one to add it to a shower gel or a body cream but it was very different from what I was expecting. To me it smelled of something else.

White Tea – not delicate as I expected and more sweet than I thought.
There is a little section of Fragrance Oils that are completely Allergen Free!

Baby Balm – It smells of a general fresh baby product. Perfect for detergents.

Provence – Very green and herbal.

Rose-Lavendel-Hagebutte – One of my overall favourite! I have repurchased it many times (together with Karma)! I have used it in so many products, but it is my “must fragrance” for my eye-cream (you find the recipe HERE).

Huh! Apparently in all these years I have tried quite many! O_o
Hope this was helpful to some of you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Manske Fragrance Oils Review”

  1. Well, Thanks, Captivate is quite similar to Jil Sanders “Sun” Perfume…one of my two signature Perfumes. Love it, love it, love it.
    Karma is nice, but not overwhelming.
    Provence is nice
    Strawberry…’ll never wan’t real strawberry again 😉
    Now I am in search of a scent that is near Omniafrom Bulgari ( the one, that is not sold anymore, the original), my second signature scent…..
    If you liked the Showergel scent from Boots Botanical series “Wheatgerm, Basil, Bergamotte” try from “Alexmo” “Epices & Bergamotte” – Perfume Oil……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thank you so much for this comment! 🙂
      I don’t know those perfumes (in my country there is no Boots either!) :/
      I checked glamour and vernile (they tend to have some famous “dupe” fragrances) but I didn’t find any from Bvlgari!

      Fragrances are so addictive 😀


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