Sensory Perfection Fragrance Oils Review

Hello Everyone!
Today I am going to write few words on some Sensory Perfection Fragrance Oils I have purchased. I haven’t tried them yet in cosmetics because I have just received the package today and it was the first time I purchased from them, so I won’t be able to say which scent will behave well in soap-making and which won’t (but I will keep this post updated!). 😉
I have tried them simply by putting a drop of the fragrance oil on a perfume paper slip: sniffing from the bottle is not enough since some perfume notes are too “big/heavy” to exit the bottle and therefore you cannot get the correct idea of the scent!
But enough of this: HERE WE GO! 🙂

Sensory Perfection Fragrance Oils

Black Raspberry & Vanilla: I didn’t know what to expect with this one so I bought the sample size only but it is adorable. I find it quite complex. Perfect for a body wash or a shampoo. Sweet (but not too sweet) and quite fresh.

Blueberry: more than a fresh blueberry this smells of blueberry tart. No, actually it smells of blueberries in a thick syrup.

Creme Brulee: Oh yes. You can smell a vanilla undertone but there is definitely the “brulee” side of things as well! The little burnt caramel hint is lovely! I see this well in a rich body cream or in a cupcake melt and pour soap.

Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro: The name didn’t convince me too much but since I love cilantro I decided to try the sample of the scent… but I should have definitely bought the 50 ml instead! It is an adorable summer fresh smell! The hint of cilantro arrives in the end and it gives this fragrance oil a real boost as well as complexity! Will repurchase, definitely!

Earl Grey: hmmm… simply sniffing from the bottle I didn’t like this fragrance at all, but once on the paper slip it transformed! You can definitely smell the bergamot of the Earl Grey tea! Lovely lovely smell!

Honey Bee Sweet (L*sh “Honey I washed the kid” dupe): YES YES YES! This is the most similar to the L*sh fragrance I have ever found (and I have tried a few!). The perfect toffee-honey smell.

Jasmine Tea: Oh yeees! It is a little more sweet than I expected (probably cause I never add sugar to my jasmin tea? 😀 ) but it has an adorable fresh jasmine scent, and you can definitely smell also a little bit of the tea!

Kismet (L*sh “Karma” dupe): Yes! I think this is the most similar to Karma together with the GlamourCosmetics one. A “must have” if you love this spicy/citrus-y smell!

Osmanthus (discontinued): I used to have a cream with “Osmanthus” smell that was marvellous but this fragrance oil is not very similar to the scent of that cream. It is a mixture of flowery and sweet smells, but in a positive way! I have used it in a face wash and I really liked it! However: don’t add too much! 😉

Parma Violet: LOVELY! Very similar to the parma violet of GlamourCosmetics. Love this smell: sweet, flowery but talc/soapy at the same time. I am in love!

Pink Marshmallow: Simple sugar smell with a very light hint of vanilla. Good… if that’s what you are looking for! 😉

Redberry Smoothie: I am glad I bought the sample size only of this one as I don’t really like it. It has a pungent cherry tone but I don’t like the rest of it. No no no!

Rock Candy (L*sh “Rock Star” dupe): YES! If you love the original L*sh smell, this is extremely similar! It has the perfect cherry note with the sweet talc undertone. It will go directly in my next bath bombs! (of course, I will post the formula as well: I have been experimenting quite a bit with bath bombs lately 😉 )

Strawberry Milkshake: I am in love with this smell: it is precisely the smell of a very famouse bubblegum I used to eat when I was little. A very, very sweet strawberry scent!

Sweet Red Poppy: This was the free sample they sent me. I like it but only to an extent. I would have loved it more if it was less sweet.

Toffee: I purchased only the sample of this. It is a good simple toffee smell.

Vanilla Cream: hmmm I don’t really like this one. I find it very chemical and to an extent I smell a lovely vanilla… but there is something “wrong” going on around it.

I must say I am very, very impressed with these scents! I haven’t liked only 3 fragrances, while I have really really liked all the others! 🙂
I will update this post in case I purchase more fragrances and also to comment on how these oils behave in soap-making when I get the chance to use them.
Hope this post was useful! 🙂

Have you tried any of these? Do you have any fragrance to suggest? 🙂
Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Sensory Perfection Fragrance Oils Review”

    1. Each reseller of fragrances doesn’t tend to disclose where they buy from, so there is no easy way to know which manufacturer is behind the fragrance. One single website can also purchase from different manufacturers so that makes i even more complicated.
      For example: I have bought similar fragrances to “Karma” from L*sh but they were not all the same in terms of fragrance. They were all getting close to the original in their own way.
      This said, I am going to consider your question about “brand” as synonym to “website” and I can say that the two websites with the best fragrances are either sensoryperfection or
      I find their fragrances have more roundness/complexity than most I have purchased


      1. Of course I haven’t bought fragrances from every possible website and I haven’t tried US based suppliers as I live in Europe, so I cannot speak for US for example!


  1. I recently tried some Sensory Perfection oils. The ‘soft leather’ fragrance they sell is excellent. I had been sampling men’s colognes and perfumes that were supposed to be leather fragrances and although I did find a couple that had a strong suede aroma, nothing I could find captured that ‘leather jacket’ smell. SP’s soft leather is the closest I’ve come to that smell yet.

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