DIY Karma Shampoo (extra delicate!) & chat on betaine

Hello everyone! ­čśÇ

Make your own Karma Shampoo
I was already in love with a shampoo recipe but I have “upgraded” it thanks to “betaine” (this is the INCI name, but to not confuse it with surfactants we better call it Trimethylglycine┬áor TMG).
Wikipedia says: “Trimethylglycine┬á(TMG) is an┬áorganic compound┬áthat occurs in plants. Trimethylglycine was the first┬ábetaine┬ádiscovered by science; originally it was simply called┬ábetaine┬ábecause, in the 19th century, it was discovered in┬ásugar beets”.
So what is all the fuss about this ingredient? ­čśÇ
Properties of Trimethylglycine:
In detergents, at a 5% concentration, it helps making the detergent more gentle on the skin, so in this shampoo this is why I have added it ­čśÇ
But this is definitely not all about this great ingredient: it has anti-inflamatory and soothing properties, so it is great used in creams for people with sensitive skin, it helps reaching a very creamy consistency in creams (so it is a plus for texture! ­čśë ), apparently it also helps to stabilize vitamin C.
How to use it: it is used at a percentage between 2% and 5% in creams but in detergents it should be added at 5%. It is water soluble. It has a basic pH so beware if you are using it with pH sensitive ingredients (like Niacinamide for instance… which should never reach very basic pH).