Soap soap soap… decoration!

Violet Soap 2

The recipe for this soap is this: [New to soapmaking? 😀 no worry! You can learn here! 😉 ]

300 gr Coconut oil
400 gr Olive oil
150 gr Shea butter
50 gr Castor oil
50 gr Cocoa butter
50 gr Almond oil 

147 gr lye
330 water

but what I love of this soap is actually the decoration! 😀

I colored all the paste of violet, using a specific colorant for cold process soaps (but if you have micas you might want to try with that! BUT some micas do not keep their color in saponification: what you can do is drop some mica inside a small amount of water and lye just to see if the color changes in a strong alcaline environment – like soap is going to be – if the color stays same… you can use it to color your soaps! Yay! 😀 ).

Then I had some fresh leftovers of another soap which was white in color: I cut very small cubes and, using gloves, I rolled each cube in my hands to make it become a small ball! 😀
I also colored some paste with another drop of violet and that’s why some balls look more pinkish!

Eventually I collected all the little soap balls and poured on them a dark copper Mica! I mixed lightly until all were covered and simply dropped them in my soap (which was at a quite thick trace!). As you can see the result is a little dark mark around each ball! 😀

Hope you like this!
I loved the result! 😀

Have a great day!

[ps. as you can see I still haven’t got the hang on stamping soaps… but I will 😀 sooner or later 😀 ahahah]

Violet Soap

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