Banana Smoothie – Hair Conditioner (with Cetrimonium Chloride)


Hello Hello Everyone! 😀

I know I posted a recipe of a Hair Conditioner not long ago (you can check it out HERE), but I am too excited about this one to wait any longer! 😀
In the previous recipe I was using an eco-friendly emulsifier which gave me a good hair conditioner. I had also added a lot of thickening agents so it couldn’t be poured into a bottle but it needed to be put in a pot, as you can see from the picture.

This Hair Conditioner, instead, is done with a different emulsifier.
Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Mr. Cetrimonium Chloride! 😀
It is a very good conditioner for hair, his effect lasts as long as it is still present on your hair therefore it is used very effectively in Leave-In Hair Conditioners!
This, however, won’t be a Leave-In (I am planning to formulate one soon enough anyway! 😀 So if you are interested… just keep tuned! 😀 ).

This is a creamy but not too thick Hair Conditioner, thanks to the fact that I didn’t use a high percentage of thickeners.

But enough of talking! Let me tell you the recipe and let me know if you try it!!! 😀

RECIPE: [if you don’t have the ingredients, you can purchase them online from various websites. Here you find a small list of suppliers around the world]

Phase A: 
Water to 100 (explanation HERE)
Glycerin 2 
Cetrimonium Chloride 4 (you can add from 2% to 5%. I have long and thin hair which get into knots very easily so I added 4% and it works amazingly. Formulate according to your needs 😉 )

Phase B:
Cetearyl Alcohol 2
(this is the thickener and as you can see there is only a 2%. With this amount you get a good creamy hair conditioner. If you want you can add up to 5% and get a pot-like hair conditioner. This is just up to you)
Shea Butter 0.5
Dycaprylyl Ether 0.5 (this is a synthetic oil which is very light. If you don’t have it, substitute it with other 0.5 grams of Jojoba oil)
Jojoba oil 0.5 
*Little explanation* It might look to you that this Phase B is very slim. Only 1.5 fat in an hair conditioner? Well… definitely yes! 😀 This small amount is more than enough for most hair. In case you have very very thick and curly hair, you might want to bring up the total percentage of grease of this formulation to, let’s say, 5%… but this is only for the extreme hair! 😀
The greasy feeling of some Hair Conditioners it is not due to their greasy content, it is due to their emulsifier! 😉
Actually, adding too much grease to your hair will just end up by making them greasy and dirty sooner!

Phase C: 
Wheat Proteins Powder 0.5 
Polyquaternium 7 – 1 (this is another hair conditioner but if you don’t have it you can just omit it because Cetrimonium Chloride is a beast already! 😀 )
Quaternium 80 – 0.5 (same as the ingredient above! 😀 )
Preservative (add the amount required from the specific preservative you are using)
Fragrance Oil – to taste (few drops are enough!) I used BANANA (this is the reason for the name)
Citric Acid – to reach pH 4.5 😉 You must add it! 😀

You heat up the to phases up to 70°C.
As you well remember, because you studied a lot!, (hmmm… you remember, right? Otherwise go check it HERE or let me sum it up for you again 😀 ) the making of a Hair Conditioner is different from the making of any other cream: the Phase A has to be poured into the Phase B (not otherwise!!! This is very important!!! :D), you have to mix with an immersion mixer until it looks homogeneous, then you stir slowly until it cools down to room temperature and eventually you add the Phase C, BUT! the ingredients of the Phase C, instead of being added all together, have to be added ONE BY ONE to the mixture!

Now I believe you are ready to go! 😀

*Little explanation about the oils used in Hair Conditioners* 
If you add grease to your hair, unless you wash it off with a very aggressive shampoo, won’t go off so easily.
This is why the choice of the oils added in a Hair Conditioner is important. To sum it up: DON’T USE OILS WHICH MIGHT BECOME RANCID! 😀
In this hair conditioner I have used a synthetic oil for this reason and the same goes for Jojoba oil (that, let me repeat again, it is not technically an oil, it is an ester and it doesn’t become rancid! 😀 ).

For more recipes click HERE 
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For a list of online cosmetic ingredients suppliers click HERE 

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14 thoughts on “Banana Smoothie – Hair Conditioner (with Cetrimonium Chloride)”

  1. Can you please tell me how much Citric Acid should I use t to reach pH 4.5 ?

    I really would like you to post your leave in conditioner recipe 🙂

    Thanks a lot .


    1. Oh for that there is not a fixed quantity: you should use the stripes which tell you the pH of your hair conditioner and you add little by little citric acid until you see that the pH is 4.5. 😀

      I will post it for sure! 😀
      Sorry for the wait!! 😉


  2. Thanks a lot for your reply
    should I dissolve the citric acid powder first in some water before adding it to the conditioner ?
    waiting for the leave in conditioner recipe 🙂


    1. Oh it is not needed! 😉
      I always add it in powder directly into the conditioner and I stir with a spoon. It melts away in seconds.
      Then I wait a few minutes (to be sure it all “melted”) and I give a quick stir again and finally I check the pH!
      If it is still too high I add a little bit more and repeat until I get the pH I want! 😀

      At the moment I am abroad and I will get home only in two weeks… so unfortunately I cannot make a recipe of the leave in conditioner yet (I have other recipes coming up though!) because I don’t have my “laboratory”(aka laundry room and ingredients) with me 😀
      But I promise I will make it as soon as I get home! 😀


  3. Hello.

    Do you think that use the Lactic acid instead of the citric one to low the PH will affect the preparation?

    Thank you a lot. I just started to make some stuff on my own and I really like to read your blog 🙂

    Merry Christmas.


    1. I don’t think it should be a problem to use lactic acid. 😀 However maybe try it first in a little amount of conditioner just to be sure: then you can mix it again with the rest! 😉

      Thank you!! 😀


    1. The same amount for any other lotion BUT consider that they only emulsify and DON’T ACTUALLY CONDITION the hair, so you’ll need to add other conditioning ingredients… Or you will end up with a normal lotion and NOT a conditioner 😉


  4. Hello I have a brief question… About adding the phase c one by one do u mean add an ingredient then stir and the the other one then stir again till your done?


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