My Sources :)

It is approximately two years I have been studying how to make soap and I love it 🙂
My source for learning how to make soap was the entire internet because, before I actually started making one, I think I read 23894738947 tutorials and watched at least the same amount of youtube videos 🙂

However right after learning how to make soap, I have started studying how to make creams, lotions, hair gels, serums… and so on 🙂

I am in love with this and this blogs will probably become my personal sum up of what I learn.
However, I do need to point out where I have been learning most of what I write here, because without these few websites I couldn’t definitely even imagine where to start from!

The first website where I started to SERIOUSLY learn how to make a cream was:
Point of Interest   
I had never thought it could be possible to actually make a lotion until I saw this page 😀

But after reading that page I felt more confused than before: I never thought it was possible to make a lotion at home BUT at the same time, reading what I was supposed to do, reading about Phase A, B and C… as a first reaction I got confused and I felt like it was too difficult for me.

However, difficult things don’t stop me and they actually make me even more curious so in the next days I started searching around the internet to try to find out something more, something more specific…

I found a forum in Italian all about cosmetics!
The people on this forum are very nice, helpful AND they share a lot of knowledge totally for free!
I was amazed on how many things they knew and I spent months just reading and reading and starting to purchase raw material online to attempt to make my first cream! 😀
This is the forum I am talking about L’ANGOLO DI LOLA 
Here is where I actually started studying things seriously 😀

In my blog I am going to write a sum up of what I have learnt and I am going to post my own recipes for creams, lotions, detergents, hair gels, shampoos…
None of my recipes is copied and in case I will ever copy a recipe I will, obviously, post the source (and, if possible, ask for the permission to the owner).
However the meaning of this post about my sources is that, if it wasn’t for L’angolo di Lola, I wouldn’t probably be in any way able to put together any of these recipes!
So a big thanks to them! 😀

22 thoughts on “My Sources :)”

  1. Hi, I’m quite new into cosmetic formulations and I find your blog really educative. However, I’ve been having cases of burning feel after formulating with Vit B3 even at ph of 6-6.2. Any advise on your personal experience?


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