Lavender and Amber Soap Recipe

180 gr Olive oil
180 gr Coconut oil
150 gr Palm oil
30   gr Castor oil
60   gr Sweet Almond oil

210 gr water
85.46 gr lye

10 ml Lavender essential oil
20 ml Amber and Lavender f.o.

1 tbsp Lavender seeds

I made this soap with cold process 🙂 Now it is going to dry for 6 weeks and I cannot wait to try it!
I love the smell! 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Lavender and Amber Soap Recipe”

    1. This is a cold process soap, you could use the hot process which makes the soap possible to use in a day or two.
      However, the lavender will be gone as it easily evaporate with heat.


  1. please help me with formulation for making good body wash soap, bubble bath and liquid dish washing soap


  2. I wanna know how to make amber soap and another product formulas with amber . How can I get it ?
    please help me


    1. You mean you want to use REAL grey amber? Because if you just want to use amber fragrance oil, you simply buy it and substitute it to formulas… But if you mean you want to use real grey amber… Well, I have never used it before so I cannot help.
      Just to be sure, you didn’t mean the normal amber right?


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