9 thoughts on “HOW TO: Cold Process Soap Making”

  1. thank you for the wonderful recipes, it shows how sincere you are ,
    i take this chance to share an idea with you,
    in making soap i usually enrich it with gelatin lsheet and it works fine for hair


    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your comment! 😀

      I don’t prefer using soap for hair for the high pH. I believe soap is a good old fashioned way but it is not the best detergent for hair (of course my opinion 😀 ).

      However I am interested in this gelatin sheet thing! 😀
      Does it make the soap different?
      How much grams you use for 1 Kg fats?
      You add it to the lye water?

      Thank you 😀


    1. 😦 sorry I had a problem with that youtube account. But you can find many videos that teach you how to make soap!
      It is a very simple process 🙂
      Let me look it up for you 🙂


    2. This channel is great and this is a starting video. They teach a little bit of chemistry so you have idea of what is happening during the process 🙂
      Also, once you have seen this video, you can see many others 🙂
      They are really great 🙂



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