Magic Powder Bubble Bath

Here is the recipe of the “Magic Powder Bubble Bath” 😀

Magic Powder Bubble Bath 2

It is great for kids (it’s easier to convince them at taking a bath 😉 ) and it is also little easier to use and make than the Bubble Bars!

The recipe is very similar:

Phase A: 
Sodium Bicarbonate 30
Citric Acid 25

Phase B: 
Cocamidopropyl Betaine 10 (this is liquid and even if water in this recipe is not the best thing… we cannot avoid this ingredient: it is the one which makes the SLSA milder in our formulation).
Cornstarch 15

Phase C: 
Powder Colorant (I have used Micas in this case but you could also use food colorant powders if you have any – they will color the water much more than mixas do. Avoid ultramarines as they don’t behave well with citric acid and they will make your mixture smell bad and spoil)
Fragrance Oil (enough :D)