Mood-booster Bath Salts

Hello everybody! 😀

I made a promise in my last post so here I am with the new extra-simple (but effective) recipe.

Mood Booster Bath Salts

This recipe won’t be like the ones I usually post, and this is for a very simple reason: I just do not measure the ingredients for this one! 😀
So you just need to gather the ingredients and you are almost done! 😉

The reason why I call it “Mood-booster” is that I make these salts when I feel little bit too tired (mentally or physically): they do really work for me! Is it the epsom salts (magnesium is known to be very good for muscles in pain and for mood 🙂 ), is it the good smell which creates in the bath-room or is it simply that I feel I am taking care of myself in a moment when I really need it… I don’t know! What I know is that having a bath with these salts always lifts me up! 😀