Skin Structure

Hello everyone!
I have decided to write a couple of posts about the skin structure because it is very important to understand what goes on at “skin level”Β if we want to formulate effective and safe cosmetics.
Skin (layers, glands, vessels)
Our skin consists of two main layers (Epidermis and Dermis). Under the Dermis there is a third layer, the Hypodermis (in this picture called “Fatty Tissue”), which is not considered part of the skin organ and it is mainly made of fat cells.


It is very interesting to know that our skin is so well organized: the deepest layer of the Epidermis is the layer where new keratinocytes are formed and with time they go through manyΒ of transformations until they reach the Stratum Corneum being eventually shed.


Blabbering of a Soap-Maker pt.2 + Back in Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok once again and I am going to be here for a while.
I am missing my raw materials to create soaps, gels and creams at home. πŸ˜€
Having the “made” products with me is never satisfying because I get too many ideas to create new ones even in just one day… Imagine being far from “THE CREATION PROCESS” more than a month! AAAH!

Well,Β Β I have with me some Xanthan gum, Allantoin, Wheat Proteins powder, Hyaluronic Acid gel made by me, L-ascorbic acid to make my VITAMIN C SERUM (I will make a tutorial on this soon because I am in love with this!), tocopherol acetate… I brought this with me in case of Β “creational” emergencies! πŸ˜€ I cannot make anything too fancy with these materials and certainly I cannot make any SOAP :(… but I guess I can survive! πŸ˜€

But well, since I cannot create, I will have more time to make posts about what I created a while ago and didn’t give myself time to post before!
I’ll do this in the next days πŸ™‚

But now… Let me console myself with some Thai food πŸ˜€

Chicken with cashew nuts and rice
On the right I don’t remember what it was πŸ˜€ Some super spicy chicken with Thai basil and chilly (of course)

Onion omelet πŸ™‚

Another version of Chicken with cashew nuts πŸ˜€