Amla and Aloe Vera Soap – Recipe :)

This is a very simple recipe for a soap that I really like a lot 🙂
Unfortunately I believe that the properties of Aloe vera have gone totally lost (this soap gelled and even if I added the aloe juice at light light trace I am 99.999% sure all is lost), but still it’s a great soap and I love it on my skin (it’s full of precious butters eheheh)!
So I just hope you enjoy this recipe!

350 gr Olive oil
300 gr Coconut oil
200 gr Shea butter
100  gr Cocoa butter
50   gr Castor oil

139,43 gr Lye (6% discount)
200 gr distilled water

100 gr Aloe vera juice
3 tbsp Amla powder

This soap is a Cold Process soap.
I added the Aloe vera juice just at very light trace together with the Amla powder.

It has a natural scent 🙂
and it is lovely on the skin!

(just notice that the cocoa butter might cause allergic reaction to people who are allergic to nickel!)



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6 thoughts on “Amla and Aloe Vera Soap – Recipe :)”

  1. how to formulate anti bacterial and moisturizing hand wash that has light scent too to overcome the smell of of my hands after i chop onions


    1. I have never thought of formulating antibacterial because they are out of my range of cosmetics: they tend to be more drugs than simple cosmetics and I do not formulate them.
      I have also never thought of adding certain ingredients in order to formulate something that would catch the smell. But really a normal hand wash doesn’t take out the onion smell from your hands? I am just curious because I never had this problem and I am not sure I ever saw a hand wash specifically formulated for this.
      About ‘mosturizing’ hand wash… I try to keep things simple: detergents do not hydrate the skin, they clean it and all they can do is to not strip the skin completely from its natural oils. I don’t believe in adding any hydrating ingredient to a detergent because that would be a real waste of a good ingredient:
      a detergent is washed off few seconds after it is applied, and as the detergent is washed off, so would be the hydrating ingredient.
      The best would be to formulate a delicate hand wash and a cream to apply after you wash your hands, if you need it 🙂


    2. I want to add a few things:
      whenever you see commercials boosting about the ‘hydrating hand wash’ or the ‘soap with cream inside’… this is all just marketing.
      There are indeed some ingredients that can improve the performance of a detergent (or a cosmetic in general) but you have to consider that marketing goes on at any level: not just on the tv, but of course also inside the cosmetic ingredients’ market.
      I don’t trust the brochures of new ingredients anymore: some ingredients do make a difference, but many don’t (and they are marketed as if they were life-changers).


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