Blabbering of a Soap-Maker pt.2 + Back in Bangkok

I’m in Bangkok once again and I am going to be here for a while.
I am missing my raw materials to create soaps, gels and creams at home. šŸ˜€
Having the “made” products with me is never satisfying because I get too many ideas to create new ones even in just one day… Imagine being far from “THE CREATION PROCESS” more than a month! AAAH!

Well,Ā Ā I have with me some Xanthan gum, Allantoin, Wheat Proteins powder, Hyaluronic Acid gel made by me, L-ascorbic acid to make my VITAMIN C SERUM (I will make a tutorial on this soon because I am in love with this!), tocopherol acetate… I brought this with me in case of Ā “creational” emergencies! šŸ˜€ I cannot make anything too fancy with these materials and certainly I cannot make any SOAP :(… but I guess I can survive! šŸ˜€

But well, since I cannot create, I will have more time to make posts about what I created a while ago and didn’t give myself time to post before!
I’ll do this in the next days šŸ™‚

But now… Let me console myself with some Thai food šŸ˜€

Chicken with cashew nuts and rice
On the right I don’t remember what it was šŸ˜€ Some super spicy chicken with Thai basil and chilly (of course)

Onion omelet šŸ™‚

Another version of Chicken with cashew nuts šŸ˜€

One thought on “Blabbering of a Soap-Maker pt.2 + Back in Bangkok”

  1. hhhh you make me lough, you have this deep passion towards your creation area Aww ^^ this drive me crazy. Enjoy my dear with Yummy food hmmm sounds tasty ^_____^


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