Hair Repair Spray – DIY

Hello Everyone! 😀
Today I am going to show you my new little creation!
As you already know I don’t have quite much time on hand anymore so it will be, once again, a very simple (but, trust me, effective! 😀 ) recipe!

Hair Repair Spray

It is a Hair Spray for damaged hair.
I have thin hair and not really damaged (at the end of the post I will add some ideas on how to change the recipe according to different types of hair) but, once in a while, I love to give them something like a Hair “Energy-drink” so to say! 😀

[WARNING] I have to warn you though: this recipe will smell bad (it’s a concentrate of proteins, mind you, and they do smell awful!) and, if you use too much of it, it is also going to make your hair a bit sticky (still thanks to the amount of proteins! 😀 ).
You are warned!!! 😀

[You can skip this] Hairs are dead proteins hanging from our head. We cannot really “nourish” them BUT what we can do is apply on them some proteins (keratin works best, of course, since it is what our hair is made of) with the hope they will “join the hair” in the points where the chain is a little bit broken/damaged eventually making our hair look all shiny and restored once again! 😉 .