Coconut Bath Fizzies

In summer I still like to take warm baths: they are still refreshing 🙂
These bath melts contain coconut oil, which makes them melt at very low temperatures, so they can be enjoyed also in summer!  Recipe follows:

Coconut Bath Melts:

300 grams bicarbonate of sodium

150 grams citric acid

150 grams corn starch (makes the water very soft and soothing)

60 grams coconut oil (melted)

2 ml Coconut cream fragrance oil

2 table spoons of coconut powder

It is a very easy process:

– mix very well bicarbonate and citric acid.

– add corn starch and mix very well again

– add the coconut fragrance oil

– add the melted coconut oil and mix very fast with your hands (coconut oil melts at very low temperatures so it won’t burn your skin at all)

– now you should have a mixture that looks kinda like a paste. Put it in moulds (they can be silicon trays or plastic moulds precisely created for shaping bath bombs. Here I made some mini bath fizzies cause they are my favorite)

– put the moulds in the freezer or fridge (in the freezer it took very short time) and pop out the Mini Bath Melts! 🙂

– you can keep them in the fridge or in the freezer so to have them keep their shape until use! 🙂 When you want to have bath, just pop a couple of them in the water and ENJOY 🙂



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