Mini Bath Bombs “Sex on the beach” ;)

Yesterday I created quite many Mini Bath Bombs.

What I like of the “Mini-version” is that you can use a few for the bath tub or one for soaking feet. They leave a silky feeling on the skin, perfect for dry summer feet as well! 🙂

Here is what you have to do:

1) Mix very well (very very well! this is the only essential thing you have to do to make this work properly):
200 grams of bicarbonate of sodium
100 grams of citric acid
100 grams of corn starch

2) Add some powder pigment (I used the mineral colors I use for creating my soaps as well!)
*TIP* you could use old eyeshadows as well! Just make them into powder and add them to the mixture!

3) Add 2 ml of an essential oil or a fragrance oil of your choice (for this one I used a fragrance oil called “Sex on the beach” with notes of Vanilla and Cherry). Mix very well.

4) Spray some water gently and mix fast with your hands.
NOTE: water is exactly what makes this mixture react, therefore spray water little by little and mix fast so that the powders won’t react before they actually should.
While you mix, check the consistence of the mixture: if you feel that you can shape it a little bit (like moist sand) then it is time for next step:

5) put the Bath Bombs mixture into a mould! The mould should not be too soft or you won’t be able to press the Bath Bomb enough (the more you press, the better results you will get).
Let the Bath Bombs dry few hours (if you are impatient, like me, you can already try to use one immediately after you created it… it just won’t last very long :D)

6) ENJOY 😀



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