How to make Aloe Vera Gel (from aloe juice)


Not everybody is so lucky to have a plant of Aloe Vera.
Personally I have one but my heart doesn’t let me chop off a leg or an arm from it. :D
Nevertheless when you buy “Aloe vera Gel” usually it is maximum 95% made of Aloe vera, remaining 5% (and this is not a little amount!!!) are other things.
So here is a recipe to make 99% Aloe vera gel where the remaining 1% is composed of Xanthan Gum (natural gelling substance) and preservative.

Preservative is an important step. I know many people who want to do “natural cosmetics” don’t want to use preservatives, but preservative doesn’t necessarily mean “bad”. There are many kinds of preservatives right now; you can choose a paraben free and 100% biodegradable (like the Cosgard which i am using).
The importance of preservatives is that they don’t permit the growth of bacteria inside our water-based cream/gel. If you really don’t want to use a preservative then you should save your gel or cream in the fridge and use it up in maximum one week time.

99   gr – 100% Aloe Vera Juice
0.6 gr – Xanthan Gum
0.6 gr Cosgard (I know this doesn’t make 100 grams but 100.2 grams :D I can count too, but some preservatives need to be added in smaller amount and anyway 100.2 gr in a bottle of 100 ml doesn’t make a big difference :D that’s all)

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    • I was starting from an aloe vera juice with pieces of aloe vera inside… so I filtered it in order to get only the juice out and make a smooth gel.
      If your juice doesn’t have pieces of aloe vera inside… of course there’s no need for this step ;)

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  3. Can I use “Fruit Of The Earth Aloe Vera Juice With 99.8% Aloe” and use your recipe to turn into a gel?.

    • you mean if you can put 1 gram in 99 grams of water, in order to have double the “power”?
      You COULD, the problem is that sometimes it doesn’t melt well enough and it can create problems.
      Also, even if you were to use this powder in a very small amount of water (let’s say 1 gram of powder in 10 grams of water) it wouldn’t still do any magic :D
      So it is up to you I guess :)

    • it would be quite safe if you, of course, add a preservative.
      This said, it is an issue whenever you add some kind of powder or even just herbal extract to any cosmetic: the risk microbes will grow more is real (because the environment is better for them as it is for us) :)
      But still, since you wouldn’t get any special result at using aloe even 5 times as suggested… I wouldn’t suggest you to exceed with it :)
      but you can obviously make your experiments and choose by yourself :)

    • You could but you wouldn’t get what you want to get: the two ingredients are not very compatible, in fact the aloe vera pH doesn’t match with the pH of sodium hyaluronate. This leads to a much less firm gel (and less effective).

    • Hello Priya! :)
      You can, but what will be the “sanitizing” ingredient? Because I am afraid it might denaturate aloe or make the gel collapse.
      But sure you can experiment with this recipe :D it is not “mine” :)
      btw, Priya, I might be wrong but you sound Indian. I am in India at the moment and I would like to know if you have any place where to buy cosmetic ingredients in India? Any website?
      I know I could import, but I am afraid of duties!

      • Well, I would like to use denatured alcohol in the hand sanitizer, its just an experiment for my college project!
        I am an Indian, but am so sorry to say that I don’t know of any such place..

      • Denaturated alcohol might make the gel collapse. But just try. Maybe you will have to rise the amount of xanthan gum or maybe you could change the gelling agent (if it doesn’t stabilize with xanthan gum). :)

      • There are many ‘carbopol’ ingredients. Many new ones nowadays claim that they are improved and more stable than before, but usually carbopols are not that stable and their gel collapses very easily.
        You should just make many experiments and try different ingredients until you reach the consistency you are expecting :)
        Change gelling agents and find the right one :)

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